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  1. Nomadic, Villiage and Workshop Rugs

    Nomadic, Villiage and Workshop Rugs

    There are three general categories of Oriental rugs that consumers would be interested in buying. Each category has its own distinctive style, and reflects the purpose for which the rug was made...
  2. Indian Rugs - A Beautiful Choice

    Indian Rugs - A Beautiful Choice

    Indian rugs are known for their intense colours. Weavers traditionally use green, light blue, pink and off-white rug tones in their work. The highly detailed designs used in the rug are generally asymmetrical in...
  3. A Guide to Caucasian Rugs

    A Guide to Caucasian Rugs

    Caucasian rugs have a distinctive style and are available in antique and modern versions. These rugs are made with either Giordes or Turkish knots. They are traditionally made of wool, and the...
  4. Rug Weaving Techniques

    Rug Weaving Techniques

    A number of rug weaving techniques are used to make floor coverings. They can be hand-knotted, hand-tufted or hand-woven. Braided rugs are also available, and a felted wool rug known as namdah...
  5. The Afghan Rug

    The Afghan Rug

    As their name implies, Afghan rugs are made in Afghanistan. Woven by hand, they are surprisingly inexpensive. Consumers who are looking for a unique look for an indoor space may want to...
  6. Oriental Rug Types

    Oriental Rug Types

    Oriental rugs add colour and an element of elegance to a room. They are available in both antique and modern styles, to suit the decorating style you have chosen for your home...
  7. Rug Making Techniques Explained

    Rug Making Techniques Explained

    When you are looking for rugs for your home, consider a number of styles before you make your final decision. Manufacturers offer hand-knotted, handmade and machine-made rugs for your consideration. Before you...
  8. Egyptian Rug Designs

    Egyptian Rug Designs

    Egyptian rugs have been woven for centuries and they are renowned for their high quality. It is rare for an authentic Egyptian rug to be available to buyers outside of the country...
  9. Types of Rug Fibres

    Types of Rug Fibres

    When you are considering floor coverings, one factor you will be considering is the type of rug fibres used in the manufacturing process. Synthetic fibres, such as nylon, are very popular with...
  10. Rugs - Practical and Artistic Objects

    Rugs - Practical and Artistic Objects

    Rugs have been used since before 5000 BC, but the exact time they first appeared is unknown. One theory about the origin of rugs is that they were first made by nomadic...
  11. The History of Rug Making

    The History of Rug Making

    Rugs are a common floor covering in most modern homes but do you know from where they originated? The history of rug making is a very interesting one, and it starts in...
  12. A History of European Rugs

    A History of European Rugs

    Homeowners looking for floor coverings to spruce up their homes have other options, other than Oriental rugs. European rugs offer a variety of styles and are available in rich colours to enhance...

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