Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2016/2017

Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2016/2017

Interior design trends come and go as quickly as the seasons. Colour schemes, patterns and themes change according to different cultures and eras past. The only question is, what’s on the cards for autumn and winter 2016 – 2017?


Copper has appeared everywhere during 2016, from picture frames to waste paper baskets. And with a warming hue, there’s no way we’ll lose this sophisticated trend come autumn/winter.
The best way to incorporate copper is with subtlety. Utilise the colour in things like throw cushions and cosy coppery-orange rugs, or go bolder with copper metal accessories. Our favourites are cage-like candle holders, and sets of copper pots and pans. When hung on the wall rather than stored in a drawer, the latter become stylish accessories rather than simple cooking utensils.

Natural materials

Bringing the outside in is a great way to create a cosy abode during wintertime. This doesn’t always mean investing in heaps of wooden furniture. Angie, of Culture South West, has some great tips for employing the natural materials trend in your home.
“We spend a lot more time inside during the winter months, often leaving nature well and truly locked outside. And yet, we all need a bit of nature to brighten up those short dark days, so I feel this season will be filled with rugs made of natural fibres, as they're not only a great way to add depth and warmth to your home, but also more environmentally friendly and long lasting.”


This Danish notion of cosiness and togetherness is taking the world by storm, and with the chilly autumn nights drawing in, expect to see more hygge interiors popping up in your Instagram feed.
To inject hygge into your own interior , make a list of the things that make you feel most at home. These could be everything from plants and natural wood furniture to plush rugs, thick blankets and candles. It’s a simple way to make over your living space, but oh so effective.

Scandinavian style

From fashion to home décor, Scandi-style is the order of the day. This trend is showing no signs of being consigned to the history books, and that's probably down to just how easy it is to achieve.
Geometric patterns, pastel tones, mid-century modern furniture and pale wood floors all bring the look together. Create one giant smorgasbord of textures and patterns to turn your home into a Scandinavian retreat, or pick your favourite elements to give your home a lift.

Organic glamour

From colours to materials, Lucy, of Lish Concepts, predicts that this autumn/winter season will be dominated by organic palettes and prints.
“Winter 2016 is all about Organic Luxurious Glamour,” Lucy says. “Inspired by all things botanical and horticultural, we are seeing floral and botanical prints set against darker backgrounds. Dark greens, rich inky blues and blacks are highlighted by the luxurious opulence of metallics, especially gold. If that is too dark for you, there is also room for a more pastel palette: think icy Nordic fjords.
“Artisanal is still key, and people will be looking to incorporate handmade, handwoven and hand-dyed elements into their interiors.”

Portuguese tiles

You won’t have failed to notice pictures of Portuguese-style floor tiles adorning social media feeds and magazines. Their bright colours and vintage aesthetic makes them incredibly covetable, and with endless patterns available, they’ll fit nicely into virtually any home.
These tiles might be a little cold underfoot during autumn/winter, but we think that’s the perfect excuse to lay down a toasty shaggy rug or don your warmest slippers. Failing that, why not replace odd tiles along your kitchen or bathroom walls with a Portuguese-style alternative? Or, if you’re feeling bold, use them to tile the whole wall!


Once just a mainstay of high-end hotels, marble has made its way into our homes. Coffee tables, work surfaces, trinket trays and even mobile phone cases have had the marble treatment, whether through the power of print or actual stone.
The popularity of marble in the Scandinavian trend means that, come autumn and winter, it’s still coveted by bloggers and homeowners alike. This trend can be quite full on, so start small with marble-print accessories (such as notebooks and vases), then think about getting bolder. How about a minimalist marble clock?

Golden Hues

Pastel colour schemes are still a firm favourite among homeowners, but with the chilly weather setting in, Anna, of Don’t Cramp my Style, is predicting an influx of golden autumn hues.
“This autumn, the most popular indoor colour schemes contain soft pastels that blend with shades of orange, brown and grey. Metallics like bronze, copper and gold will also make appearances. The metallic trend will continue well into winter, replacing shades like silver and chrome. I think textures will play a huge role this season (blending sheepskin with wool and linen), as well as typography and abstract graphics.”
What are your favourite autumn/winter design trends? We’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below!