Designer Rugs by Brink and Campman

Designer Rugs by Brink and Campman

Brink & Campman rugs are known for their high quality. The company not only manufacturers but also designs and develops its own products. Brink & Campman develop a new collection each year with updated designs in fashionable colours. The standard collection is carried only by the best decorator sites in the world.

This exciting product line includes several styles for discerning buyers to choose from. Whether you are looking for a quality hall runner, a shaggy style or an odd-shaped floor covering, this company can provide you with unique, well-made designs. This collection also includes a selection of spot rugs, icon rugs and even items specially created for kids.

Hall runners

Hall runners offered by Brink & Campman feature multiple colours and bold designs. Choose from an abstract motif, a series of squares or a pattern that looks very similar to a cosy blanket. Other options for consumers interested in breaking up a hallway space include a runner that appears as though a large handful of pebbles have been sprinkled across its surface.

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs are always an interesting choice for an indoor space, and this manufacturer produces a series of earth toned and neutral rugs. All of them are made to the highest standards with the weight of 4400 g/m².


If you are looking for an area rug that is something other than the norm, consider buying one from the Brink & Campman Xian collection. Not only do they feature bold designs but also, all of them have striking colour combinations.

Spot rugs

Brink & Campman also carries premium shaggy rugs. These spot rugs are woven in India and made from the best quality pure wool. Unlike other shaggy rug options, the spot rugs have black spots appear at the end of each cream-colored tuft. The result is a unique look that will warm up any room. These thick and heavy rugs have a weight of 4300 g/m².

Icon rugs

Icon rugs offered by the company are contemporary in design. These prints, which are woven in India, are made from pure wool. Not only are they striking to behold but they offering thick, soft texture. Each one of the rugs from this collection weighs 3600 g/m² making them an outstanding by for discerning consumers.

Kids rugs

Brink & Campman has not forgotten about the younger members of the household when designing high-quality floor fashions. Each one of the kids rugs offered by this company has bright colours that children will love.

The eyes are immediately drawn to the interesting patterns in this part of the collection, which include patchwork teddy bears, a series of colourful cubes, a geometric pattern, a flower cutout and a series of dots that are reminiscent of an artist's palette. These exceptional quality rugs have awaited 3000 g/m², making them an excellent choice for a child's room.
The Brink & Campman rug collection offers high-quality products and designer colours to modern homeowners. No matter which style is chosen, buyers can rest assured that they are purchasing a floor covering which will last for years.