Dressing Your Christmas Tree

Dressing Your Christmas Tree

It’s time to deck your halls with bows of holly and make the all-important decoration decisions. With the trusty pine tree being the focal point of most people’s display, we’ve put together a guide to creating the perfect Christmas tree this year.

  Keep it balanced

 The key to dressing the perfect tree is balance. You don’t want your tree to look overloaded or to be bauble-heavy in places. Nicholas, writer behind The Daily Norm , explains the simple rules to get the balance right. “Buy at least three to six copies of each decoration you choose, and spread those decorations evenly across the tree. Hang one bauble design at a time maintaining an equal spread of that design.”

 It is visually important, and kinder on your purse strings, to fill the space around expensive feature decorations with a number of plain coloured baubles. 

 To avoid your tree looking cluttered Nicholas also recommends that you “stick to a colour scheme for your tree and do not waiver - a maximum of three colours in any single scheme is generally best."


  Try contemporary style

 Think outside the box. A Christmas tree doesn’t necessarily need to be a tree. There are plenty of examples of trees created with objects; anything from a pile of books to a case of beer can be fashioned to resemble this Christmas staple. A simple solution is to use twigs to create the outline of a tree, secured against a wall. Hang string between the twigs and attach your baubles to the string.


Stick to tradition

If you like to keep things a little more traditional then opt for the iconic Christmas colours. Megan from Seek My Scribbles likes to stick to this rule, “it’s all about traditional red tree decorations – they make everything look festive and cosy! To give my Christmas tree a slightly more contemporary feel I’ve chosen red heart shaped baubles and used small white round baubles as accents.”

 She also gives great advice for anyone without a lot of space, “If like me you’ve only got a small tree for your room, remember to pick up smaller-sized baubles to avoid weighing it down too much!” 



Think of forgotten areas

 Below the tree is often an area which most of us forget however, with all the presents being placed here, it’s where the magic happens. Give this area a little bit of tender love and care, creating a cosy scene for presents to nestle amongst. Placing a fluffy, white rug under the tree will create the illusion of snow, guaranteeing you always have a white Christmas.


 Enjoy yourself

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Crack out the mulled wine, put on Christmas tunes and get everyone involved.

 In the Love Audrey household, they like to turn decorating the Christmas tree into a real event. “We always have It's a Wonderful Life playing in the background and it's usually the point at which we treat ourselves to the first mince pie of the season. Throw in some warming mugs of hot chocolate and a few homemade decorations and you've got the perfect Christmas tradition to look forward to each year!'



Whether you decide on a futuristic or classic theme, Modern Rugs hopes you all have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!