Dulux Colour of The Year 2017

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Dulux have released the colour of the year for 2017. Denim Drift is the name and diversity is the game.

The blue-grey hue has been picked for its ability to fit into all interior design styles. The adaptability of the colour makes it suitable for everyone. The tone takes on a different characteristic depending on what it is paired with which keeps it fresh and interesting. 
Dulux forecast the colours that we are going to put on our walls years in advance. Their job is to know exactly what style we will love – before we even know ourselves. Alongside Denim Drift, Dulux have produced a palette of tones that complement each other and that will embody the year of 2017. Their colour prediction was centred on four lifestyle trends; New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home & Considered Luxury.

[Image Courtesy of Dulux]
New Romanticism is all about vocalising our issues surrounding the environment; it’s about sustainability; it’s abou t bringing nature back into our urban world and reconnecting with our spiritual selves. Dulux say: “Although this trend comes from a place that is deeply considered, it translates into our homes in a boho, eclectic fashion that immerses you in the natural world and transforms your home with a truly creative flair.” 

[Image Courtesy of Dulux]
Shared Individualism is focused on how society is changing, how we meet people is changing, the digital age is taking over and social structure isn’t what it was. It’s about the joining of people and the sharing of space. Dulux say: “This colour palette has a fresh and playful mood which is perfect for creating a shared space to enjoy together.”

[Image Courtesy of Dulux]
The Working Home is no surprise, it’s about how, again due to the digital age, we are able to work from any space. People work from home and we are constantly switched on.  The boundary between work and life is shifting. Dulux say that they have developed a colour palette to help you create different zones in the home, and a fluid environment that fits both.

[Image Courtesy of Dulux]

Considered Luxury is the changing of our priorities. Dulux say “buy less, choose well and make it last” There is a new consumerism in which value is placed on experience rather than possession. It’s the idea that the memories made within the walls are more important than the walls themselves. This trend captures a new way of living.

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