Drum roll, please. The moment interior designers and stylists have been waiting for has finally arrived: Dulux’s 2018 Colour of the Year is… Heart Wood!

Both earthy and elegant, this stylish colour was chosen as part of the brand’s industry-acclaimed trend forecast, ColourFutures, now in its 15th year. Described as a “beautiful warm pink”, this gentle hue has a hint of heather and a warm, neutral tone, which evokes feelings of serenity.

Set between a “smoky taupe and a dusky mauve”, Heart Wood perfectly encompasses the panel’s theme of 2018, ‘A Welcome Home’. “As life gets faster, now is the time to choose to press pause”, says Dulux. “Our home needs to be our sanctuary, a space where we can all look forward to… A Welcome Home.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we sought the advice of two stylist bloggers to explain how you can inject the colour of the year into your home. From 2018 colour palettes to complementary rugs, we’ve got everything you need to turn your home into a haven.

A match made in heaven

Modern Style - The Heart Wood Home

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - Heart Wood

The Heart Wood Home is quintessentially Scandinavian: deep, bold tones collide with ink blues and muted purples to create a palette fit for a hygge retreat. For a modern and airy ambience, offset Heart Wood with Sapphire Springs (an eye-catching shade of blue) and Nordic Sails 2 (an earthy, charcoal purple). The result is a polished space adorned with calming, natural hues - perfect for creating the ultimate relaxation room.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - Heart Wood

Annie Buckingham, an interiors and lifestyle blogger from Gold Vibes Only, suggests pairing 2018 bedroom colours with bold accessories:

“The cool and muted tones within the Heart Wood Home colour palette allow bold accessories to take centre stage. Incorporating textures like Mongolian wool and velvet will add a soft finish, which perfectly contrasts this cooler palette.

Accessories such as bedside tables, rugs, vases, and lights in metallic copper and brass will add that much needed warmth, whilst staying on-trend.”

Our recommended Rug: Katherine Carnaby Chrome Putty Rug

Katherine Carnaby chrome putty rug

Relaxed Family Time - The Inviting Space

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - Inviting space


The Inviting Space palette combines Heart Wood with cool blues and neutral tones for calming, restorative rooms. The result is reminiscent of last year’s colour of the year, Denim Drift, which is a soft and soothing grey-blue.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - Inviting space

This clean-cut colour palette combines soft pastels, like Steel Symphony 3, with charcoal hues, to create a contemporary and easy-going style – perfect for a family living space. Likewise, pastel shades framed by graphic borders are a stylish way to signal a transition to a different area.

Annie Buckingham recommends pairing this palette with cosy textures:

“Incorporate Heart Wood into the home by focusing on pairing it with warm neutrals and textures such as leather and wood. Though it may be tempting to decorate with a varied colour palette, do try and keep to four-five key colours within an interior scheme”, she says.

Our recommended rug: York Duck Egg Blue Rugs

York Duck Egg Blue Rug


The York collection is beautifully simple, offering plain fashionable colours in a large range of sizes and a hand loomed 100% wool pile. As you would expect from a wool pile rug, the York rugs are thick, soft to the touch and comfortable underfoot. And, what’s more, it complements the most popular interior paint colours of 2018.

Elegant Comfort - The Comforting Home

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - The Comforting Home

This trend is about fusing warm-tone woods and natural materials with layered textures. The result is a space which beguiles its visitors, providing an instant impression of luxury that accentuates the best architectural details of a room.

Use this refreshing palette in a child’s bedroom and you can expect to produce something both charming and stylish. Dulux’s Pressed Petal and Summer Pecan 1 (which shares similarities with 2016 colour of the year, Cherished Gold) naturally flow into Heart Wood, and combine to create the ultimate ‘Welcome Home’. The result is a space one can comfortably sink into.

This muted palette also works great in study areas. Teaming Heart Wood with cocoa, clay and blush pink promotes positivity and productivity, while complimentary metals and woods give tactility to the space.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - The Comforting Home

Karen Clough, an award-winning interiors blogger, highlights the versatility of this palette:

“This palette is ideal if you want to avoid your run-of-the-mill neutral interior. Shades of tan and deep chocolatey browns perfectly mirror the nature of any solid piece of wooden furniture, while hints of grey and light pink add whimsy to the palette.”

Our recommended rug: Loft Cream Rugs

Loft Cream Rug

These luxurious shaggies are machine woven with a 100% polypropylene pile which is soft & comfortable. They are also very durable, easy to clean, and have the benefit of no pile shedding (fluff).


Playful & Dynamic - The Playful Home

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - The Playful Home


Add an energising pop of colour by pairing Heart Wood with lively yellows and zesty greens.

The Playful Space palette draws Heart Wood into a kaleidoscope of calming colours; each one with a refreshing hue inspired by nature. Soft pastel shades work alongside bold statement colours to forge a cheerful and vibrant tone.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 - The Playful Home

This invigorating palette is all about uplifting the space it adorns. Dublin Bay 1 – which looks to be one of the most popular kitchen paint colours of 2018 - offers a bold focal point, abundant in vitality. Tie this in with Gooseberry Fool 1 for an air of sophistication.

This adventurous palette sings with a supreme verve. Work it into your kitchen and you can expect mood-enhancing hues which spur conversation, abate tension and enable recharging.

Annie Buckingham explains how to compliment this palette with natural textures:

“Greens and yellows have always worked well in kitchen spaces. Heart Wood now adds a contrast to these zesty hues with a warm, neutral colour which brings a feeling of cosiness to the scheme. The Playful Home colour palette is perfectly complimented by natural textures such as leather, marble and wood - think marble decorative serving trays, leather door handles and wooden shelving.”

Our recommended rug: Sienna Plain - Ochre Rugs

Sienna Plain Ochre Rug

The Sienna rugs feature a plain centre with a textures border design for a calming contemporary look. Handmade with a thick and soft 100% wool pile, you should be able to juxtapose this stunning rug with many of this year’s colour trends.