Future of Rugs

Future of Rugs


Sometimes, you need to look under your feet to witness true innovation. That’s right, the world of flooring is developing at an impressive rate. Forget smart phones, we’re on the cusp of having smarter homes, and with that, comes smart rugs.
We take a look at the rugs that are going above and beyond, to get an idea of what the future of rugs might look like.

The rug that helps your child learn
Flooring has gone far beyond the call of duty here, with the JoyCarpet taking steps to actually help babies’ cognitive development. It’s fitted with LED lights that flash red, blue and green, while audio noises and short pieces of music made a secondary stimulus that encourages active play.

The rug that looks out for you
A team at the University of Manchester have developed a ‘smart carpet’; a concept that could be hugely impactful for those with mobility issues. The rug or carpet can be woven with a layer of optical fibres, creating a pressure map. When someone walks across the carpet, the map will distort, and the information can be sent to a computer that makes an analysis. The movements can be recorded and set up to trigger an alarm or call for help if someone trips or falls over.

The rug that leads the way
Phillips have now come up with Luminous Carpets: the flooring that has in-built LED panels that allow different messages to display in the carpet. This can be programmed to label different rooms, direct people to around a building or simply as a welcome mat. The LEDs are enclosed meaning that they aren’t effected by being walked on or spillages.

The rug that guards your home 
It’s now possible to buy rugs that increase your home’s security. These vinyl mats contain wires and pressure monitors that can signal when someone has crossed a point of entry, triggering CCTV cameras to start recording, or an alarm to go off, depending on your settings. Not only that, but these are amongst the cheapest of security measures.

The rug that keeps you in shape
Ever dreamt of having your own personal trainer? Well, that dream might not be as far away as you think. The ‘Tera’ is a concept developed by Luma, and may well be a big game-changer in the world of health and fitness. With the help of its app, which connects to the mat via Bluetooth, the mat uses its LED light as cues for shifts in body movement. This allows it to coach you through activities like Yoga, Thai Bo, Pilates, or Zumba.

It seems that, in the future, people will expect more from their rugs than just interior style and comfort. The rugs of the future, like so many other household elements, can significantly improve our lifestyles and make our day-to-day lives that little bit easier, safer and more enjoyable.