We Are Moving!

Modern Rugs are delighted to announce that due to continuing success, we will be moving to larger premises later this month. The move to Aycliffe Business Park on August 25th will allow Modern Rugs to take advantage of a space six times larger than the current premises in Bishop Auckland.

All this space will allow us to stock an even larger range of rugs and better cater to all our customers’ needs.

 “This is an exciting time for the business,” explains Managing Director, Ben Dale, “it will allow the company to expand, taking on more staff as well as more stock. The benefits of this change should also be seen by the customer as we should have quicker dispatch times as well as the ability to lower prices.”

We are all looking forward to the move and can’t wait to roll out the carpet on our new home!


How to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Up and down the country, box rooms cause homeowners a headache. Just what exactly should be done with the space? Most will give in to the fact that it will forever be known as the junk room. However, with a bit of imagination and some clever décor, these areas can be reclaimed, creating a functional space to add value and enjoyment to your home.

Expert Advice

Rachael works in interior PR and is the writer behind home décor and lifestyle blog, Interior Thinking, sharing affordable home ware and inspiring yet achievable design ideas.

Use every inch of space
“If you want to use the space for storage it might be worth investing in bespoke units in order to utilise space effectively. Make use of the height of a room, having shelves up to the ceiling gives storage but also the illusion of taller space.”

Make walls taller
“Always paint your ceiling a few shades lighter than your walls in order to give the illusion of height. If you really want to use colour on the walls, try painting vertical stripes from floor to ceiling in a bold tone, or even use vertically striped wallpaper – these stripes will also create the illusion of a high ceiling.”

Monika’s passion for interiors has seen her become the brain behind Oh My Deco, as well as a décor contributor at Madebygirl.

Style and substance
“Decorating a small space shouldn’t have to mean compromising between style and functionality. I believe no matter the size of room, there is always a way to accommodate both. The most important thing to start with is choosing the right furniture.

“Maximising the living space is a key, so make sure anything you buy has a double use! Beds with underneath storage or a desk that can be used as a bedside table will make a difference as less furniture means more space. Don't be scared to go bold with bedding, throw cushions and rugs, they will not take much space and make the room filled with personality. “

Colour palette
“Whites, light greys and blues will make any room feel more spacious, although I also love the idea of a darker focal wall to make the impression of deepness. Keeping the furniture and walls simple will leave the opportunity to play with additional colours for accessories and I would always go for playful pastels, animal prints and colourful stripes for more fun.”

Yasmin is a Interior Designer, writer and speaker whose aim is to share the joy of great design.

Optical illusion
“Stretch the space visually with patterns on the walls. Wide stripes or another horizontal pattern can be very effective. A large painting or wall mural that allows you to imagine yourself travelling into it draws the eye and stimulates the imagination.
“Adding furniture that is see-through or that is off the ground into a room, such as a glass topped table or a sofa with legs, makes a space feel roomier.”