Interior Trends for 2017

Interior Trends for 2017

2016 has been a memorable year for interior design. Iconic trends incorporating everything from geometric prints to bright block colours have dominated the pages of magazines and blogs. The question is: what’s next?

We spoke to some of the industry’s top trend spotters to find out what they’re predicting in the way of interior trends for 2017.


The concept of hygge hails from Denmark and encapsulates the feeling of complete contentedness. Since the trend has taken winter 2016 by storm, it’s little wonder that Fresh Design Blog predicts a continuation through 2017.

“The Danish concept of hygge is very on trend at the moment,” they say. “Hygge encompasses a feeling of cosiness in the home and this is something that translates well into rugs and rug materials. Think super cosy and soft sheepskin rugs, faux fur shaggy rugs and warm wool rugs that are gorgeous underfoot and help add texture and warmth.”

For real hygge, add some scented candles, whip up some hot drinks and invite your nearest and dearest round for a cosy night in.

Soft colour palettes


We Brits haven’t just borrowed hygge from Scandinavian shores – it looks as though we’re set to share in this stylish nation’s love of minimalist colour palettes, too.

As well as plenty more hygge, Fresh Design Blog are also predicting a rise in soft and airy colour palettes. Primarily, the colour blue:

“Dulux has already announced that their Denim Drift blue paint colour is the Colour of the Year for 2017,” they reveal. “From plain blue rugs to gorgeously patterned designs, rugs in shades of blue can help bring together an interior design scheme or add a much needed focal point.”

It’s likely that this architectural shade of blue will be paired with a very minimal colour palette: making an impact without the need for in-your-face colour. Gaby, of Life in Eight, explains just how to achieve minimalist chic:

“The Scandinavian style seems to be gaining more and more followers among people looking to achieve the calm and minimalist look in their homes. With a monochrome palette that has white as the star of the show (to maximise the available natural light), light-coloured wood pieces and a combination of textile textures, this trend is here to stay.”

Berber rugs


When it comes to statement accessories, we’ve seen everything from filament lightbulbs to tables made from reclaimed wood during 2016. But for 2017? Lottie, from Oyster & Paul, has picked up on a trend that’s already coming to the fore:

“One trend really stood out in 2016: the berber rug. Seen on all the best-dressed floors, from bloggers to interiors Instagrammers, these shaggy, loosely-patterned monochrome rugs add warmth and character to bedrooms and living rooms. Surprisingly versatile, this trend can mesh with a range of other looks, from Scandi Rug design to a more ethnic, home-made style.”

Lottie’s right – these stylish rugs are the perfect way to bring a room together, no matter what the aesthetic.

Patterned textiles


From ditzy florals to Moroccan-inspired prints, each year sees a new cult pattern. This year interiors are, once more, taking inspiration from Scandi-chic. Why? According to Interior Desire, we’re in the middle of a love affair with this endlessly versatile trend.

“Scandi design and patterns are featured everywhere from curtains and rugs to bedspreads. Even Christmas decorations this year have been heavily influenced by the geometric and minimalist patterns – we will not be seeing an end to our love affair with Scandinavia anytime soon!”

Retro furniture


Retro furniture is making a big comeback, but not from just any era. Mid-century modern is the trend du jour, with many furniture designers taking inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s. That’s the beauty of this trend: with such authentic-looking pieces available from modern brands, there’s no need to splurge on expensive antiques.

Alongside patterned textiles, Interior Desire predicted retro furniture as being an important interior design trend for 2017:

“Scandinavian design (heavily associated with the mid-century modern look) has steadily grown in popularity over the last few years, but in 2016 it has amassed almost a cult following, with genuine retro pieces fetching large sums of money at auction and within specialist shops. 

“There is no sign of the popular and much-loved Scandinavian furniture and striking, simplistic patterns losing momentum in 2017. We predict that it will, in fact, be featured even more heavily within our homes.”

Which interior design trends do you expect to gain popularity throughout 2017? Let us know using the comment box, below!