Large Rugs for a Large Floor Space

Large Rugs for a Large Floor Space

Rather than leave the floors in a large-dimensioned room plain, consider using one of the large rugs available on the market today to add colour and texture to them. Decorating a large room does not have to be an intimidating prospect for homeowners. Having a large space to work with means there are several interesting choices available.

Rugs designed for large rooms are offered in traditional and modern designs. Buyers can find floor coverings with short piles, as well as shaggy rugs. No matter what the decorating scheme of the room happens to be, there is a rug that will fit the concept, as well as the dimensions of the room.

Afghan Traditional

Afghan rugs are made from pure worsted wool and are very durable. They are an excellent choice for consumers who are interested in floor coverings that are easy to keep clean. These rugs are known for their distinctive patterns and are available in beige, red and black colours.

Jewel Chenille

Jewel rugs are known for their sophisticated look and silky feel. These rugs are made from a combination of acrylic chenille and viscose. These rugs have a raised design that draws the eye to that particular area of the floor covering. The look offered by Jewel Chenille rugs is a very traditional one, and these rugs are available in green and beige tones.


Rope rugs are a new option in textured rugs for your home. Their chunky looped pile is made from pure wool. People who are looking for a floor covering that is thick and heavy will not be disappointed if they choose a Rope rug for their home.

Shaggies Collection

Shaggies Collection rugs are made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool and strands of jute. The latter material adds extra texture to the rug. The wool used in this collection is double dyed and the pile is cut to a height of 70 mm. The rugs in the Shaggies Collection bring a luxurious look into a consumer's home.

Shetland Shaggy

The rugs in the Shetland Shaggy collection are loom knotted and they are made from pure wool. They are an excellent choice for consumers who are looking for warm, comfortable area rugs for their rooms. These rugs are available in natural and caramel shades.

Union Jack

Union Jack rugs allow homeowners to show their national pride in their homes. Made from pure new wool, these rugs make a definite statement in any room in which they are placed. Colour selections incorporating the original blue, red and white are available, as well as rugs in brown, red/pink, and grey/charcoal tones.


York rugs are available in a wide variety of plain colours and all of them are fashioned from 100 per cent wool pile. As a result, they are very soft to the touch. Consumers can choose from the following tones to complement their room decor:

• Beige
• Chocolate
• Duck Egg Blue
• Green
• Lavender
• Purple
• Taupe
• Teal
• Terracotta
• Wine