Natural Elements

Natural Elements

////   N A T U R A L  E L E M E N T S   ////

This week we are looking at the elements, and all things Natural. We have been inspired by some amazing artwork and homes.
 We first saw a post on the Design-Milk Blog, which shows a house made mostly of natural elements. The newly built terraced house was still in it’s raw form with little structure and open concrete interior – and the project was rightly named ‘Urban Forester’. It was transformed by mode:lina, a company founded by architects Pawel Garus and Jerzy Wozniak, who were both originally part of Liong Lie/123DV, an architectural studio in Rotterdam.
Each zone has been personalised and given sentimental value; for example the branch chandelier – made from a branch taken from the where the home owner would spend their childhood holidays. They have used contrasting natural materials, with the shell being left in its raw form – Concrete. The aim for the architects was to create different zones throughout the house but to keep it open plan.


Some other products used were cow hides (pictures below) to bring some warmth and softness into the home while still keeping the product natural. At Modern Rugs we love the concept of mixing such a contrast of materials and textures, and feel a cowhide can really transform a contemporary space which may feel a little cold, to something much more liveable and homely. (see link below for Skins & Hides)
We have a big range of natural wool rugs, skins and hides featured on our website, and we have picked out or favourites that would go great in this home, and yours!


Rugs from left to right
1. Cowhide Brown/White
2. Sheepskin Mink
We have also selected some designs inspired by nature like our elements range – which comes in a variation of colours with a cracked design; here we show the ivory & black. Another favourite of ours in the Esprit - Wood Grey rug, 'Wood' is a unique circular designer rug taking its inspiration from the cross section of a tree trunk. Hand carving is used on each rug to further enhance the design appeal and texture.

 Rugs from left to right

1. Esprit - Wool Grey
2. Noble House NH-3545 Grey
3. Elements EL-50 Ivory & Black