Next Generation Acrylic Rugs

Next Generation Acrylic Rugs

When you are looking for rugs for your home, do not overlook the modern acrylic collections in your quest for the perfect floor covering. This type of floor covering includes a number of colours and styles. Acrylic rugs are a popular choice for consumers who want a modern look and a floor fashion which is less likely to shed than a wool rug.

Contour rugs

Contour designer rugs feature contemporary patterns and rich colours. These floor coverings are made from 100 per cent polyester pile. Some of the rugs from this collection feature handcrafted detail to create a bold contrast and make a specific part of the design more prominent.

The Contour line is available in a number of striped and floral designs and in a variety of fashion colours. Many of these rugs are offered in earth tones including rust, brown, green, and blue.

Esprit rugs

Esprit is one of the leading fashion brands on the planet. All the rugs in this collection are stylish and made to the highest quality standards. If you are looking for a rug which is an expression of your personal style, consider one of the floor coverings from this collection for your needs. These rugs are offered in plain colours, as well as leafy patterns.

The Cross Walk rugs from this line have a graduated colour effect and different pile heights in the floor covering. All of these rugs are hand tufted and have a heavy pile weight of 3300 grams per sq/m.

Frame rugs

Frame rugs have a unique design that sets them apart from other options available to consumers. The pattern is positioned around the edge of the rug and the centre of the floor covering is plain. Some of the rugs in this collection feature floral patterns near the edge, while others have a contrasting border. These rugs are made from 100 per cent acrylic pile. These rugs are a great choice if you want floor coverings that will not shed and are easy to care for.

Xian rugs

The Xian collection of rugs is offered by Brink & Campman. These rugs are not meant for people who are looking for floor coverings that are going to blend in to the room. Instead, they use bold colours to make a definite statement and draw the eye down to the floor. Each one of these rugs is hand tufted and made from Japanese Acrylic. The pattern in the rug is enhanced by handcrafting to create a unique look.

Some of the rugs in this collection have striped patterns, while others have bold abstract designs. Other choices from the Xian collection include whimsical floral, butterfly, or confetti designs.

Modern rugs are available in a number of colours and textures. Choosing an acrylic rug, does not mean that you need to sacrifice style to get a floor covering that is durable and easy to keep clean. The only decision you need to make is which colour and pattern will look best in your indoor space.