Spring in your Step

Spring in your Step
We've been looking at ways to freshen up our living spaces, and there's nothing more refreshing than a pastel pop to transform a drab décor
We've found some unexpected colour combinations while scouring the net for some spring homes inspiration, from the image above complimenting powder blue with pastel pink, to muted oranges clashed with jade greens! Pastel's are a perfect way of introducing colour into your décor if you are worried about bright colours being too over-powering. Below we've chosen our favourite Spring rugs that are sure to brighten up your homes.
Rugs from left to right
Top 7 Tips for your Spring Home
We asked our interior pro’s for their top 7 re-vamp tips this spring, here’s what they said...
Take a look at your living space and look at what you really need, there’s a difference between having a homely feel and just clutter. Sometimes it may be worth taking everything out of a room, and then putting things back one by one to see what is necessary and what isn’t. Another tip to remember is that visually being able to see floor space helps make a room look bigger so if you have unnecessary units try and cut down or create some wall shelving where needed. – Be ruthless.
Freshen up a drab room by changing accessories. Cushions, throws, rugs, vases are always ways to add accent colours and change the theme of a room and is cheaper than re-decorating!
Why not try re-covering a piece of furniture for example a footstool with a contrast fabric or use it to introduce some colour/pattern into a room, or try and paint/gold leaf a mirror or picture frame yourself, a cheap way to make features of select items.
Deep Clean  
Windows, blinds, skirting boards, light fittings, everything. It all makes a difference, it may take some time but it will be worth it for a brighter decor.
Lighting plays a huge part in the ambience of a room along with making a room look bigger. Make sure you have good lighting and layered lighting, the biggest mistake is to have one down light hanging from the centre of a room, this creates shadows and bring the walls of a room in, use lamps of different wattage to change the feel of the room and have options on how you want it to be lit depending on the rooms function at that time – reading, relaxing or entertaining.
Can’t afford new furniture? No problem, try re-arranging furniture in a room, or even better round the house – obviously given that the items sit well together. You get a fresh new look to your home and have spent nothing, just used a bit of arm power. Even changing up picture frames/cushions etc can give a new feel once they are relocated!
Get some greenery! Bringing fresh flowers or even small indoor plants brings life (quite literally) to a room. Not only are they visually pleasing but it will fill your home with some spring freshness and overcome any stale smells.