Sweep negatives under the rug with our alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

Sweep negatives under the rug with our alternative to New Year’s Resolutions


 The New Year brings a fresh start, however, contrary to popular belief, a list of resolutions could be the wrong way to go about it. We asked experts how to make a truly positive start to 2015 and sweep negatives from last year under the rug.


No More New Year’s Resolutions

Although dosed with good intentions, setting New Year’s resolutions could be setting yourself up to fail.  Life balance coach Kain Ramsay , explains that it is much more powerful to raise life standards and expectations. “You should have a vision of what you want to do, not a list of changes. Instead of focusing on what is making you unhappy, focus on what you want and what will make positive steps in your life.”


Setting Goals

Confidence coach Jo Emerson, advises that “a goal must be something you want to do, not what someone else says you should do. If a goal has the word ‘should’ in it, it isn’t an authentic goal, which leaves you open to failure. You may think you should aim to lose weight however, in reality it might just be that you want to love and accept the body you already have.” She also advises putting pen

 to paper, “there is something magical about writing something down; it makes it seem like you have written a contract to yourself and will help you stick to it.”


A few months into the year, only the most determined gym goers will be left on the treadmill and only the strong willed will continue working towards that dream career change. But Ramsay believes that this lack of progress can be broken. “Most people give up on their new goals because they won’t take the risk or chances needed to make a positive change because of fear.” He puts this fear down to a similar risk not working for them in the past but firmly believes past experiences shouldn’t mould our future. “If your

 expectations of the future are no greater than your experiences in the past, you will never make positive steps.”

Setting multiple goals, varying in difficulty to achieve, will help to keep you motivated all year round. Ideally, you should set one big goal  for the year, three to four middling goals and five to six easily-achieved goals.  However, Emerson warns that when setting these it is important to remember that “if a goal is too easy it isn’t a goal, if it is too hard then the goal isn’t reasonable. Most ofyour goals should be achievable with a little bit of a stretch.”

So with this new way of thinking now in place, we took a look at what some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers interior goals are for


If you’re moving into a new house or wanting to spruce up an existing space, now is a great time to set out your plans and it needn't cost a fortune. For an instant facelift why not change the colour of your cushions and throw a cosy rug over bare floorboards? Or like Lyndsay of Fizzy Peaches , buying a few elegant statement pieces could pull everything together.


My  resolution will be to decorate our new house with elegant furniture. We a re buying our first house at the moment and I can't wait to make it our own, we've spent the last year living in a tiny flat with mix-matched furniture and an eclectic collection of decorations ranging from my partners inflatable Dalek to my cuddly Japanese sushi toy. It’s time to get some tasteful new pieces, for our gorgeous new home.”





Whether a big project like Amie’s or small like Lily's, claiming back space and clearing out unwanted items will start the year in the right way. Read our expert guide to decluttering  for advice on how to get started.


“I love my home, but I have a lot of 'bits and pieces' that I want to sort out. For example, shoes that need re-heeling, or a box of papers to organise. I tend to put the box on a shelf or stash the shoes in the wardrobe, but I intend to re-organise and sort them out this year! I will be taking the jobs on one at a time, sorting through my wardrobe and donating items I no longer wear to charity, sorting through paperwork and spending an afternoon shredding no longer needed bills or statements. This way, the 2015 will be completely clutter free!”


“What I want to 'sweep under the rug' this year is all my clutter - I'm a bit of a hoarder and hold on to things for sentimental reasons. I really want to try and streamline and clear out our tiny little house this year!”


Whatever you wish to achieve this year, ditch traditional resolutions and start making positive steps towards your end goal today!