Ten Easy Christmas Craft Ideas to Make this Festive Season

Ten Easy Christmas Craft Ideas to Make this Festive Season


 There’s nothing more comforting than decorating your house for the festive season, especially with a mulled wine or mince pie in hand. From baubles and fairy lights to cosy, deep-pile shaggy rugs, Christmas decorations can inject a much-needed dose of hygge into the home. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on cosy and creative accessories. Why not get crafty?

Here’s a selection of our favourite Christmas craft ideas to make this festive season.

Gingerbread man card 

 Making your own Christmas cards won’t only save you a bit of cash – it’s also heaps of fun. Plus, if your card ends up looking as amazing as the one made by The Gingerbread House, you could even use it as decoration in your own home.

Simply get your hands on a pack of pre-cut, foam gingerbread men (or cut out your own), and use a craft blade to cut two diagonal slits into its front. This is where your candy cane will sit. Next, you can tie a ribbon around the gingerbread man’s neck or add some icing cuffs – any finishing touches you like – before sticking the man to the card. Alternatively, you could thread a string through the gingerbread man and use it as a tree decoration.

Christmas pudding pot-holder

 Handy with a crochet hook? This lovely Christmas pudding pot-holder by Emma Varnam is a great addition to kitchens, both during the festive period and beyond. Whether you’re filling your home with the smell of freshly baked bread, or cooking Christmas dinner for the whole family, a pot-holder is a great thing to have handy on a kitchen surface.

The best thing about this Christmas craft gift idea, however, is how versatile it is. Why not pop it on a coffee table and use it as a coaster, or whip up a few to use as placemats?


Post-it Christmas tree

 Want a quick and easy Christmas tree for a bare spot in your house? Don’t shell out for a traditional number – grab some post-it notes instead!

This post-it tree by Rock and Roll Pussycat couldn’t be simpler to put up. All you need to do is stick rows of green post-it notes to your wall (secured with blu-tack, for longevity), making them that bit shorter as you get to the top. Once you have your tree shape, cut coloured post-it notes into circles and use these as your baubles. Add a post-it trunk, pot and star, and you’re done! You could even get loved ones to write Christmas messages on the tree when they pop round.


Mini Christmas stocking

One of the best things about Christmas is hiding away from the cold and indulging in home comforts. If you’re particularly crafty, why not grab a plate of gingerbread and try a mini Christmas stocking tutorial?

Colourful and a little inspired by Danish design, this stocking may require a concerted effort at the sewing machine, but will look lovely hanging up in your home. Try filling it with sweet treats and pint-sized surprises for ultimate hygge.


Paper Christmas stocking

For a simpler Christmas craft stocking, take a look at this tutorial by This is Life. Grab some coloured card, pom-poms and other festive additions from a craft shop, cut a stocking shape out of the card, and get sticking! 

You can hang your stockings from door handles, make tiny ones and use them as tree decorations, or even turn the stockings into Christmas cards for friends and family.


Snow globe Christmas crackers

Run-of-the-mill Christmas crackers are great, but by combining two classic festive decorations, you can create something far more impressive.

Here Come the Girls combines a Christmas cracker and snow globe to make a magical table decoration. Simply make a tube using acetate, wrap some cellophane around the tube and thread a length of ribbon through the middle. Next, twist one end and secure it with string, before filling the cracker with your choice of festive contents: snowflake sequins and tiny wooden gingerbread men, perhaps? Or a good helping of glitter?

Once you’re done, secure the open end of the cracker and place it on your dining table or mantelpiece.


Paper Christmas tree

Why settle for one Christmas tree when you could accessorise your home with lots of miniatures? This paper Christmas tree by Blush Crafts is the perfect decoration to place on bare surfaces, giving your home an extra pop of festive cheer, without the stray pine needles.

All you’ll need is a wooden skewer, plenty of scalloped paper circles and a good helping of glue. Oh, and a wooden star for good measure!


Christmas village tea lanterns

Turn your home into a beautiful, glowing Christmas village with this Christmas Craft Idea tutorial from Thinly Spread. Air-dry clay houses and delicate tea-light holders make fantastic lanterns, filling your home with a cosy, Christmassy glow.

And there’s plenty of room to get creative. Using paper templates, plan out everything from houses with star-shaped windows to churches, buses and even stables. Let your imagination run wild with this Christmas craft idea!


Wool-wrapped Christmas star

If you’d like to try a simple yet effective Christmas craft idea, take a look at this gorgeous wool-wrapped Christmas star by Albert + Me Photography.


Using a Styrofoam star as a base, wrap around a length of coloured wool and tie it into a knot. Next, keep on wrapping, securing the points of the star with a glue gun. When you’re done wrapping the star, attach a length of string so you can hang up your creation in pride of place.

DIY branch Christmas tree

Rather than plumping for a traditional Christmas tree, why not bring the outdoors in with this pretty DIY branch Christmas tree by Heart Handmade UK? All you’ll need is a big tree branch from outside, a painted pot and some expanding foam.

Of course, you could go one step further and turn your alternative Christmas tree into a real centrepiece. Paint your tree branch before covering the top of the pot with pom-poms, then decorate the tree branches with your favourite baubles.

What are your favourite Christmas craft ideas? Is there something you like to make every year? Let us know!