The Five Key Interior Trends of 2016

The Five Key Interior Trends of 2016


The Five Key Interior Trends of 2016

  • Nature plays an increasingly important role in our décor
  • Geometric patterns surge in popularity
  • The resurgence of gold and silver extends to our interiors
  • A more daring approach to mixing contrasting materials
  • A new emphasis on homespun touches


Over the course of the year, we’ve adorned our homes with industrial-style accessories, rainforest-inspired patterns and a boatload of blue, but which interior trends will we be holding on to, and what will we be leaving behind as we move into 2016?

Below, we take a look at what’s been gaining popularity, using a mixture of our own sales figures, Google data and the opinions of experts in the field.

Here’s what we can expect to see in the UK’s most fashion-forward homes over the coming year.


Inspired by Nature



This year, one of the most prominent emerging trends has been the focus on ‘bringing the outside in’, whether in the form of plant life, botanical prints, animal motifs or more abstract acknowledgments of the trend.

Geraldine, the design devotee behind
Little Big Bell, predicts that we haven’t seen the last of this theme moving into 2016:

“Green foliage and indoor greens have been a dominant 'nature' influence in 2015. As we move forward to 2016, I predict the pretty pastel hues of floral blooms and the changing tones of the skies and seas.”



Geometry Rules


Geometric patterns are starring in some of the most on-trend homes in the UK. Geometric rug collections have seen sales increase by over 166% in the past year.

The evidence doesn’t stop there. Research from Google Trends shows that searches for ‘geometric rugs’ has increased by 66% year-on-year. What’s more, the term ‘pattered rugs’ has seen an even larger surge, with 85% growth each year – proof enough of the spike in popularity.

It’s little wonder why – clean, modern lines are a great way to add pattern and interest without going down the old-fashioned route. Think zig-zags, uneven stripes and triangle prints, and you can’t go far wrong.



Colour Trends for 2016


The past 12 months have seen some big shifts in terms of colour trends. When it comes to rugs, it seems neutral colour palettes such as whites, beiges and creams are on their way out, with consumers looking for rich or metallic colours to complement and enhance their decor.

Yellows and golds have seen the biggest increase over the past 12 months, with a 34% increase in sales. Greys and silvers aren’t far behind, and blues have also seen a rise. In contrast, whites, beiges and creams have all seen a decrease of 12% and sales in browns have decreased by 29%.


• Yellows  and golds – increased 34%
• Greys and silvers – increased 23%
• Blues – increased 13%


• Whites and creams – decreased 12%
• Beige – decreased 12%
• Brown – decreased 29%

Ben Dale, the founder of Modern Rugs, commented: “We’ve seen cherished gold chosen as the Dulux colour of the year, and we will begin to see more of these sandy tones entering the home as we move into 2016. Our
Sloan Rug has already become one of our best-sellers in Mustard, with sales already up 87% since last year, proving that this colourway is set to be a popular one.”

Interiors specialist Becky, from A Beautiful Space, explains how colour is impacting on overall style within interiors: “Stronger colour tones bring warmth to our homes and can add a focal point without being overbearing. These stronger colour palettes can easily work with other natural colours within the room to create an impact.”



Mixing Materials


This year, concrete has complimented smoked glass, wood has been paired with fur, and marble has come up close and personal with leather, and to great effect.

This trend can be easily adopted by breaking up hardwood flooring with a shaggy rug, like this one, which has seen a 57% increase in sales since 2014. It seems that the marriage of contrasting materials is a theme that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Interior design writer, Jen, from the Love Chic Living blog, thinks the new emphasis on mixing and matching is set to become more popular as we move into 2016:

“I think 2016 is going to see more of a turn towards mixing textures than ever before. It’s become popular to mix colours, patterns and prints to an ever-increasing degree during 2015, and next year will see us really embrace an eclectic home décor look even more. Being braver with our choices and understanding how to combine textures will become integral to how we decorate, with many people worrying less about getting it right, and more about simply pleasing themselves.”



Artisan Works


In the same way that people don’t want to feel like they’re just another number, they don’t want the things they buy to feel like they’ve been reeled off the factory line. And from basketry to crotchet, crafted goods are undoubtedly in – a fact reflected in the sales of our hand-knotted rugs. This Bokhara Beige Rug, for example, has seen a 100% increase in sales: an indication of the value placed on hand-worked items.  As we move into 2016, look out for more traditional and unique items that have been homespun with love and care.

Ben Dale, the founder of Modern Rugs, summarised how these trends are influencing sales:

“Gone are the days of people selecting a product based solely on their existing décor or personal preferences – there are bigger influences at play for consumers, and our sales figures reflect that. We pride ourselves in keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to up-and-coming trends, and we use that knowledge to inform our buying and designing choices every step of the way.”

Already obsessed with organic colour palettes or feel inspired to try mixing bold textures? Why not get ahead of the curve and start incorporating your favourite home design trends into your décor?