What makes your house a home?

What makes your house a home?

When moving into a new house, it is the little touches that help you to settle in. Decorating to your taste is the obvious step, but after asking the nation, we found that there are also many money-can’t-buy milestones which make your house feel like home.

It turns out that it takes Britons over a year (13.4 months) to feel homely, and it’s the simple things like having a recognisable smell in your house which makes all the difference.

Feeling comfortable to eat food that’s dropped on the floor, and having set spots on the sofa also came high on the list of homeowner and renters priorities, as well as more sensible factors such as knowing your neighbours’ names, and spending Christmas in the property.

We have also found that men and women disagree on what matters most. Security came high on women’s priorities, with one in ten saying that they only feel at home when they’re no longer scared of weird house noises, and things that go bump in the night.

Having a set place on the sofa, knowing which drawer everything is in and having a “house smell” were also ranked highly by women as indicators of how comfortable they feel in their surroundings.

However, it would appear that for men, it is important to leave your modesty at the door with one in ten saying that when they felt comfortable to walk around naked, as the moment they knew their house had become a home.

Women want to get used to strange noises whereas for men, comfortably walking around naked is highest on their priorities.

With being in the buff seen as one of the true tests of feeling comfortable in your surroundings, we created a virtual gauge, so you can see how you compare to the national average on a scale of naught to naked.

With over two thirds of UK home owners and renters saying that their current house feels like home, we are delighted that it would appear that we are a nation with a high level of home comfort happiness.  But don’t fear, for those who aren’t quite there yet, we have put together our top tips for creating a homely atmosphere.


Simple interior tricks to make your house feel like home


Adding colour is an easy way to create different moods within a room, but adding a pop of colour doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add a lick of paint to the walls.  Adding colour through soft furnishings such as rugs and throws is a quick way to change the feel of a room. This is also a great solution for renters, who are limited in the changes they can make. Get inspired with our guide to colour psychology for interiors.


When you move into a new property it’s unlikely to have that homely house smell. If it has previously been empty for a prolonged period, make sure that you air the house, opening all the windows to get rid of stale smells.

Dot infusers around your house, in your chosen fragrance to give a fresh smell. Scented candles are also great but remember to never leave them unattended.


Lighting plays an important part in influencing the overall feel of a room, too bright and you can create a stark, clinical environment. but too dark and it can feel like you're living in the twilight zone. Small lamps and fairy lights are a great way to brighten up a space as well as offering a softer alternative to turning on the main light.


A family heirloom, sporting trophy or childhood blanket will all have powerful memories attached. Whether proudly displayed or kept in a cupboard, having these sentimental items around will make you feel right at home.


In the digital age, getting photographs printed has fallen out of vogue but awkward family photos and endless images of your pet in cute poses really add a personal touch. From hanging photo mobiles to Polaroid fridge magnets, endless display options mean that images can also add a sense of fun to a room.

Hopefully, with a touch of colour and by adding a bit of character, your house will feel like home in no time!

Are you comfortable walking around naked, or is going bare foot as far as you will go? See which of our home comfort characters you're most like.