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They are hunters, protectors, detectors & rescuers. They are the eyes for those without their vision, ears for those without their hearing. They are part of our family. They are man’s best friend. Dogs deserve National Dog Day & we are happy to be celebrating them!

We have our very own Modern Rugs pooch, Pugley. Pugley loves coming into the office and helping us out with paperwork, answering calls and of course testing out how comfy our rugs are!

It seems as though it’s not just Pugley who loves having a nap on a cosy rug… we have had so many photographs from our canine customers and their new rugs that we thought we would share them. (Give the photographs a click too!)


Make sure you give your pooch a little extra love today! They deserve it!
Happy National Dog Day!


August 26th, 2016|Fun|