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Florence Broadhurst Collection

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Florence Broadhurst
A stunning, high quality Florence Broadhurst hand tufted rug collection from Brink & Campman, combines classic elegance with a contemporary interpretation of her iconic designs into a collection that is timeless as Florence herself.
Risk taker par excellence, style maven extraordinaire Florence Broadhurst's most exhilarating legacy is a design archive that continues to make waves around the world today. Between her birth in 1899 in rural corner of Australia's Queensland and her unsolved murder at the age of 78, Florence lived a series of vivid, fantastic lives. She spent the roaring Twenties singing across the Far East's colonial reaches and ran a finishing school in Shanghai. In London, she became "Madame Pellier", a French couturier who dress the rich and famous. She moved back to Australia as an aristocratic English lady and landscape painter. At the age of 60 she did it again, launching her defining venture- a luxury, hand-print wallpaper business. Everywhere she had been and everything she had seen found a voice in a whirlwind of creativity. Internationally recognised by Time magazine, Florence's spirit of adventure and flamboyance continues through her extensive archive of designs, ranging from tapestries to geometric's, floral's and delightfully eccentric chinoiserie.