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Orla Kiely Rugs

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Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely Rug Collection

100% Wool Hand Tufted Rugs

"My passion for mid century design has informed all aspects of my work and the products that have evolved. From our ready to wear, handbags and accessories to watches, jewellery, stationery, home-ware and home textiles. The references are subtle but integral to our house style.

Often perceived as retro, we reinvent and aspire to newness, my colour palette evolving to build modern on modernism! Drawing, refining and simplifying organic elements into perfect motifs that are then repeated to build rhythmic patterns for everyday applications. A mug, a storage jar, a bathroom towel, modest everyday essentials all deserve and require an attention to detail equal to that we give to a leather handbag or a silk dress. The philosophy and principles remain the same.