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Arte Espina Semi Shaggy

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The Arte Espina 'Cocoon' rugs feature contemporary designs created with a semi-shaggy pile for a unique look and feel. Each rug is luxuriously thick with a soft feel, handtufted with a mix of 90% 'Espirelle' Acrylic and 10% Linen, and a super heavy pile weight of 3600 grams per sq/m. 'Espirelle' is an extremely durable and heardwearing yarn with the look and feel of wool. Espirelle is also easy to clean and maintain, most stains can be removed with water only. The TÜV/TFI quality seal and Öko-Tex standard 100 guarantee that the rugs in the collection conform with the pollutant norms, do not pose a health hazard and stand for a high-quality product.

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