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Khayma Farrago Rugs by Louis de Poortere

The Khayma Farrago Patchwork Rug Collection feature an antiqued, vintage appearance and a 'flatweave' pile of just 3mm which is thinner than most normal tufted wool rugs, making them ideal for putting under tables and chairs. Their flatweave construction also makes them highly durable and easy to maintain. Available in a range of sizes and colours, you are sure to find a Khymer Farrago Rug to suit your interior design scheme. A “farrago” is a confused mixture and refers to the mix of patches of rug patterns used in this exceptionally well balanced patchwork. It is a blanket of different tribal patterns, executed in an overdye coloration. A Khayma is a  traditional tent used by the nomadic tribes in the desert. By extension, it also stands for the family, the home or the tribe as a whole. The flooring would consist of rugs for confort and partly for decoration too. 

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