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Ligne Pure - LINEWORK

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The LINEWORK rug from Ligne Pure is a striking, fun and colorful floor covering, handwoven from 100% high-quality viscose yarns. With a pile depth of 10mm, you'll love the soft and cushioning feel underfoot this rug gives. The rug has a weight of approx. 4.7Kg/m2, making this quite a heavyweight rug and we recommend that larger sizes are fitted by two people due to the weight involved. The design of the Linework rug features multicolored stripes across the width, picked out in shades of orange, yellow, red, purple, and blue, with the warmer tones being more dominant. The viscose tufts reflect light differently depending on the direction they are brushed in and the angle they are viewed from. This rug makes quite a visual impact and will fit in with a wide variety of interior design schemes, especially where you want to have a centerpiece in the middle of the floor.

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