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Black Rugs & Charcoal Rugs

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We’re often told that darker colours can make an interior feel gloomy, but when used correctly, they can add serious style credentials to your home. Take black rugs: a perfectly-sized dose of the monochrome trend. Is the room your rug will sit in a neutral canvas of white and grey tones? Then a large, statement piece in jet black or dark slate will make a chic impact. Even if there’s a little more colour in your room, a black rug needn’t be off limits. Simply choose a smaller style, or go for something with just an element of black – patterned items are ever increasing in popularity. Take a look at our wide range of black and white rugs, charcoal rugs and more, to find your dream design. From more eclectic checked patterns and floral motifs, to understated block colours, there’s a piece for every interior.