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Green Rugs

Green is a wonderfully restorative colour. Representative of health and nature, when employed in interior décor, it has the power to make us feel calmer and more relaxed. And even if you can’t face painting a whole room in this tranquil shade, there is always the option of a green rug. Our range of green rugs incorporates pieces in a wide range of shades, from muted olive to deep emerald. You could even pick up a lime rug for a striking splash of eye-catching colour. No matter what the theme or colour scheme of your room – be it a hallway, bedroom or living room – there is a green rug waiting to make it come to life. Have you been dreaming of a patterned rug that will act as a stylish focal point, or a shaggy rug to make your home extra welcoming? You’ll find them all, and more, below.

* UK Mainland only

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