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Dear Customer,


We hope you are well and starting to adapt to these circumstances which are new to us all.


In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to update you on how we’re proceeding and the changes we have made. As you know, the rise of COVID-19 affects us all, and here at Modern Rugs we are constantly taking action accordingly in order to keep our staff, our customers and society as a whole safe.


As a small family ran business, we are delighted to confirm we are still processing orders and delivering to customers. The affects are being felt all over the world, but luckily, we can continue to open for business until told otherwise.

Your delivery will continue to be delivered and our team continue to work and provide you with the normal service.


We are following Government guidelines and we continue to monitor the coronavirus situation. As advised, we have implemented the below actions.


  • Social distancing between staff within our warehouse
  • All office staff that can work from home are doing so
  • Any staff that may be required in the office will work the recommended 2 metres apart.
  • Extra handwashing and use of sanitizer
  • All touch points are being cleaned on a regular basis

We will continue to review the situation and advise you of any changes when possible.


If you have any questions about your order or shopping online with us, please contact us via, phone or email.

Should your order face a delay at any point, and you don't feel you can wait for your order, you can cancel or request a refund at any time. 


Thank you for your continued support

Modern Rugs



More information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS, PHE and PHS websites.




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