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Smooth tiles and ceramic washing facilities can make it difficult to bring warmth to a bathroom. If you would prefer to heat your space without upping your gas bill, a bathroom rug is perfect! While bathroom rugs can sometimes be confused for bath mats, they are actually very different: mats are typically used for the functional purpose of absorbing water, whereas bathroom rugs can be both functional and decorative. If you want to find a rug which not only looks good, but does the job properly, we have an entire range for you to peruse below.

We offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns of both bathroom rugs and mats for those struggling to decide. If you have ample space in your bathroom, you can find large and extra-large bathroom rugs in our range, too. Made with only the highest-quality fabric, your rug will be protected against humidity, absorbency and general wear and tear. Find bathroom rugs to match your interior in the Modern Rugs range. Find great offers, below!