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  1. Abrash Brown Hall Runner
    Abrash Brown Hall Runner
    Abrash Brown Hall Runner

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      Products 1-40 of 834

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      Hall Runners

      When it comes to interior design, first impressions mean everything. What better way to welcome guests into your home than with a luxury hallway runner? Whether its a mottled dip-dye piece animating your floor, or a cosy hand-tufted pile leading through to a hygge-inspired living room, hall runners can make a big impact. From neutral colours and daring multi-coloured patterns, to on-trend designs incorporating geometric shapes or traditional North African artistic themes, we stock rugs that leave a lasting impression. Turn your hallway into a grand entrance or warm the walls of your living room with our extensive range of hall runners. From super-thick to hard-wearing, grandiose to understated, we stock a wide variety of hall runners and all are made from the finest quality hand-crafted materials. Are you searching for an elegant duck-egg blue rug? Or how about an intricate patchwork pattern? Youll find both in our collection, below.

      Not only can we give you a superb range of hall runners, we promise tremendous value. There are hallway runners to compliment any style of decor and owner, from the classic and Persian to the designer label, from traditional fabric to synthetic, from short pile to shaggy.  There really is something to suit nearly every taste and style, and colour is no obstacle either. Runner rugs  are most likely encountered at or near the entrance to a home, so picking the right design is important to the chances of impressing visitors, as well as softening and personalising the space.  Use the colour selector to pick the palette of the runners, or the price selector to narrow the choice to suit your budget.  Hallway runners range in length from 160cm to 330cm, and will be delivered free throughout the UK.