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      Whats a patio, deck or porch without a charming outdoor rug? Reinvigorating gardens in need of a lift, while smartening patios and complementing outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs can transform a good garden into a great one. Both functional and stylish, we offer outdoor rugs in a range of different styles, colours and patterns. Whether its drinks in the conservatory or partying on the patio, here you can find hardwearing rugs that are both durable and delightful. From Sun-Storm flat weaves embodying Moroccan aesthetics, to charcoal-coloured geometric shapes that evoke a sense of sophistication, we have a vast collection of memorable outdoor rugs on offer. As they are washable, our outdoor rugs are also perfect as bathroom rugs. Outdoor doesnt just have to mean practical, which is why our range includes an eclectic mix of colour palettes: from subtle coffee creams to raucous shades of teal. Whether you want to impress your neighbours or protect the porch, youll find a whole host of high-quality outdoor rugs on offer.

      Our brand new Outdoor rugs are very durable and can withstand all outdoor weather come rain or shine. Ideal for kitchens, conservatories as well as outdoor patios and porches. Their flat pile means that you can stand your patio furniture on them too. Cleaning can be done with just water alone making them very easy to maintain. We have the best and most stylish selection of Outdoor rugs available to buy online in the UK.