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  1. Babur Blue Antracite
    Babur Blue Antracite
    Babur Blue Antracite
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    If you are in search of a rug that is uncompromisingly chic, yet beautifully understated, a traditional rug is for you. Whether your home is a rustic bohemian retreat or Middle Eastern-inspired space, traditional rugs have the ability to enhance any room, but are perhaps most suitable as living room rugs and hall runners. From handmade nomadic Persian rugs to colourful Afghan piles, each of our pieces comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Youll find on-trend heritage rugs that bring hardwood floors to life, along with custom-sized pieces that feature subtle, hand-carved patterns. Our expansive collection is truly unique: from distressed rugs, featuring unique pastel shades exuding elegance, to Moroccan-inspired patterns that pop, you are sure to find a traditional rug that marries perfectly with your living space. As well as stylish, each of our rugs is hardwearing and easy to clean, so you can rest assured that you have a durable, quality piece. Browse our range of traditional rugs for sale and find the perfect piece to complement your home.

    We happily traverse the world to bring you a unique collection of traditional rugs, combining Middle Eastern Rugs, Chinese Rugs and Persian design, and many more. We are proud to include in our collection, a fantastic range of hand-made African tribal design and hand-knotted pure wool rugs from Australia and New Zealand. Our traditional rugs come in all shapes and sizes up to 300cm x 400cm and with made-to-measure sizes also available you can enjoy a beautiful traditional rug in any room of the house.