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  1. Tom Tailor - Fine Lines Gold
    Tom Tailor - Fine Lines Gold
    Tom Tailor - Fine Lines Gold

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      Our Classical European Rugs collection has been specially curated to feature rugs with designs inspired by the art and design of historical European countries. Traditional European classical rug designs nearly always derive design motifs and themes from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the cradle of western civilization. The Greek and Roman Empires expanded across Europe in classical times and brought their artwork with them, often displacing that which went before. After the fall of Rome, the Roman influence remained and was further adapted by artists and designers all across Europe until today when we find ourselves amongst a rich and diverse portfolio of modern rug designs that have drawn inspiration from and derived new designs based on classical European rugs. You may also find rugs with designs inspired by Renaissance art themes too. Here at Modern Rugs, we have worked with our manufacturers and suppliers to put together a huge range of Classic European rugs, available in rectangular and hall runner rug shapes, in many sizes to fit any room. Check out the selection below, or if click these links you want a rug with more of a Persian or Oriental look.