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Natural Fibre & Flatweave Rugs

By their very nature, natural fibre rugs evoke an earthy and rustic ambience in the home. Creating a sensory experience and promoting open space, natural rugs and flat weaves marry perfectly with both traditional and modern themes. Our weavers use vegetable fibres like jute to create hard-wearing natural rugs that are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Each pile is carefully crafted in a whole spectrum of colours, textures, shapes and patterns from designers like DeKowe and Louis de Poortere. Sophisticated hessian rugs are quilted in intricate herringbone and geometric patterns, while flat weaves come in a range of classic and stylish designs. Timeless and understated, each natural rug is sure to breathe fresh air into your living space. From tactile pieces that accentuate your furniture, to hand-loomed sisal rugs that complement a tranquil home environment, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your home by browsing our collection, below. Ideal for busy areas including kitchens.

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