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Poufs, Pouffes & Floor Cushions

Poufs / Pouffes, or Ottomans as they are traditionally called, are originally a small, backless seat that sits low on the floor and originate from the Ottoman / Turkish Empire which introduced them to Europe. Pouffe ottomans have the benefit of being easily moved around a room, adapting seating arrangements depending on use or demand, but do not take up much space. Pouf ottomans are a great way to introduce a functional yet decorative element to any room and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colours and patterns.

At Modern Rugs, we are working with our suppliers and manufacturers to grow a collection of pouffe ottomans that form part of a collection of products that also includes cushions, rugs and throws. You can be sure of consistent colour matching, material matching and overall theme, easing your concerns of finding just the right products to go together from different places. Why not bookmark this page to check back regularly as we work with manufacturers and suppliers to grow this collection of pouffe ottomans.

* UK Mainland only

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