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Poufs, Pouffes & Floor Cushions

Pouffes, also known as tuffets, hassocks and poufs, are just like stools, only they are completely covered in cloth and have no visible legs. When they are designed with storage space inside, they are known as ‘Ottomans’.
While pouffes were originally used as low seats - similar to a modern-day sofa - they are now used for practicality and style. For instance, pouffes can be used for storage, decoration or for additional seating.
Looking to fill a space, or can’t wait to put your feet up when you get home? Our pouffes offer relief when you need it the most. At Modern Rugs, we offer an extensive range of pouf furniture, including traditional kilim pouf patterns, pouf cube styles and charming pouf chairs. Want to keep your décor streamlined? We offer poufs and floor cushions in matching prints, too.

* UK Mainland only

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