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Round Rugs

Rectangular and square rugs are perfect for creating classic living spaces. After all, aren’t those clean lines and straightforward shapes easier to slot into rooms than round rugs? Far from it. Circular rugs are deceptively versatile. Stylish, distinctive and available in a range of sizes, they’re the perfect way to fill all manner of floor spaces. Place them beneath coffee tables or dining tables to add an extra area of interest. Use them to brighten up a neutral kitchen or to ‘zone-off’ different areas of an open-plan living room. The possibilities really are endless. One reason for this versatility is the sheer size of our range of round rugs. As well as stocking products in different sizes, you can also choose from a broad spectrum of colours and textures. Searching for a rich red shaggy rug? How about a plush purple rug in a floral pattern? You’ll find them both in our collection, below.

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We sell a tremendous range of floor coverings, in a huge number of patterns and fibres, but most of them have corners.  Rectangles and squares are the most requested shapes, echoing as they do the fundamental architecture of most homes.  However, not everyone is chained to convention, and some spaces call for a curvy, irregular solution to their rug needs. That is why we have a separate section for round rugs. Prices start at £44. Regardless of whether you want to put the rug under a table and chairs, or soften a tiled conservatory floor, we have something for you in colours for younger customers or patterns for traditional homes.  There is even an RAF Roundel circular rug as well as the quirky Xian Shapes collection with bold designs and colours that challenge the eye. Let that dependence on the rectangle ease off and pick a circular rug instead.