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Shaggy Rugs

Sumptuously deep, comfortable and luxurious shaggy rugs in an unrivalled selection of sizes, colour and textures. Tangling with toes and cushioning feet.

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There was a time when the shaggy rug seemed to be a bit like the 70s: neither cool nor ironically retro.  At that time the shaggy rug was a small burst of texture contrast in a world of synthetic fabric.  Now the shaggy rug is popular and fun, made from pure wool, chunky felt wool pile and synthetics, in contemporary patterns and single colours. Have a look around our wide selection of the best value shaggy rugs and be amazed at the Pebble beach patterns, or the complex, colourful Arte Espina “Dance” range.  The Pebble range comprises the thickest, heaviest rugs we sell.  They are handmade and 100% felted wool.  Just as luxurious, the Dance range is made of 100% finest heavyweight polyester yarn. Reflecting the rag-carpet origins of the shaggy rug, the Bertie is thick and chunky, while other designs are sculpted or lightly piled.  Our shaggy rugs have the wonderful “toe-caress” feeling of soft, long filaments tangling with toes and cushioning feet.  We also have fashionable low cut shaggy rugs such as “Tashen” or “Rope” for a neater look and cosy texture.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite shaggy rug collections. Top of our list is our best selling “Twilight” range which come in an absolutely huge range of colour and size option – these shaggies are excellent value for money and a great all rounder. For the ultimate multi-colour shaggy rug our “Festival” range is a must see – perfect for livening up any room including kids rooms. Another one of our favourites are the silky soft whisper shaggies – even our rug videos can’t do them justice, we really need to invent a way of feeling rugs online! Hmm maybe one day, but for now take our word for it; these rugs are gorgeous. As they say, it’s all down to personal taste so get clicking on our shaggy ranges and find your own favourites.