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Shimmering Plain Rugs

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It’s time for your home to shine. Shimmer rugs from Modern Rugs are a subtle way to capture your guests’ attention. Ideal for areas which need a stylish focal point, our shiny rugs provide a calming and comfortable addition to any décor.

As with all our rugs, quality is our priority. You won’t receive brash glitter rugs with us, only premium materials make the grade. We use high-performance fibres, such as viscose and polyester, to add a silky finish to your rug. Why not add our Blizzard Champagne shaggy rug to your space? Or try our Calvin Klein vapour shimmer rug for a healthy touch of glamour. Available in a variety of shades and textures, shimmer rugs complete both basic and complex decors. If your space only requires a hint of colour, our shimmer rugs are the fashionable addition your home deserves. Try yours today!