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Wool Rugs

Experience the comfort & softness that only wool can bring to your floor and you'll understand why it has been the material of choice for rug makers for hundreds of years. Wool rugs comes in a huge range of designs and styles – from traditional rugs to more contemporary geometric rugs and even woolly striped rugs – wool is an extremely versatile material! Wool rugs are often hand-tufted, meaning each individual pile is injected into the backing cloth from behind, creating a very dense rug. Due to this density, a wool rug is also an excellent insulator – making them perfect as a bedroom rug or living room rug

* UK Mainland only

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For hundreds of years, wool has been a prime component in the making of carpets. It is durable, soft and takes dye very well. Indeed, all the best traditional carpets were woollen; Persian and Afghan, Wilton and Axminster. We have a fantastic, huge range of wool rugs to suit all tastes. Our tufted, hand finished wool rugs are similar to our thick rugs in size, whilst being incredibly soft, and the shaggy wool rugs are so thick you might want to wriggle your way in for a warm nap. No other material can reproduce the qualities of wool in the making of rugs. Wool rugs come in all sizes from 70 x 140cm to 300 x 400cm, as well as a rich variety of designs and styles, with some of our designers producing outstanding patterns and styles for you. Wool rug designs run the entire range from classic to cutting edge, with vibrant colours or indented patterns, so use the various selection options to narrow the choice down. When you’ve picked the rug, delivery is free to anywhere in the UK.